Top 5 Full Bodyweight Exercises

Full Bodyweight Exercises

Using bodyweight exercises in your fitness regimen means an increase in strength, stamina, balance, and you will notice your body’s muscles become more defined as well.

The biggest mistake is to underestimate bodyweight training and stick only to using weighted resistance.


There are people that can bench press 300lbs. and not even be able to push out 50 pushups in a row.

Surely there is something wrong here, and that would be the muscles are fatigued easily due to a lack in stamina. Shear strength is not what you should solely focus on for healthy muscle gains.

On another note, you also get cardio respiratory training with full bodyweight exercises as well. The reason for this is because you have to perform more repetitions in order to get an actual workout in, and some may last well over a minute in time length to complete.

This activates your metabolism’s mechanism to produce more energy for fat burning potential, while also forcing your heart and lungs to work harder, which leads to a healthier cradio respiratory system.

Top 5 Full Bodyweight Exercises


Can be referred to as squat thrusts. This exercise dominates most other bodyweight exercises since it is a combination of multiple movements activating all muscles to react and oppose one another. Focus on performing them correctly over speed and you will reap all the benefits greatly!

Burpees - Full Bodyweight lifts


Planks are an isometric exercise, which means that your muscles are being contracted, but no type of movement is actually taking place. A plank is going to workout muscles in your body from head to toe, which is through using each one as a stabilizer muscle to hold the body in place.

The Plank - Burpees - Full Bodyweight lifts


This is an exercise where you are in the pushup position midway, thus keeping your body systemically stabilized through the use of all muscles. This is another isometric exercise that does not require actionable movement.Flex Push Up - Full Bodyweight Lift

4) Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are well known for their cardio benefits since it increases your metabolism and heart rate, but they are also a great full body workout as well. Your upper body is used to keep yourself stable and prevent you from falling forward, and then your legs are alternating their movement forward building up muscles in this region as well.

Mountain Climbers - Full Bodyweight lift

5) 8 Count Bodybuilder’s

This exercise is used throughout law enforcement and military daily calisthenics. The routine is three exercises combined into a set of movements that end of being in the count of eight. First you perform a single jumping jack. Next, you follow the jumping jack immediately with a squat thrust (burpee), but instead of standing up, you now perform one pushup, then repeat however many times you want.8 Count Body Builders - Full Bodyweight lift

Get Ready for a Healthier Body!

Full body workouts are going to increase your lean muscle mass density, help burn fat, increase heart and respiratory health, and even cut your training time frames down. Actively pushing your body into a fit routine is easy through the use of your entire body being used systemically, but even 3-4 muscle groups being used is good enough.

Strive to accomplish your goals, and you now have 5 of the best exercises you can perform 3-4 days a week, or combine them within specific muscle group days.

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