Hydrolysed Protein – 9 Reasons its The Pros Choice

9 Huge Reasons Why Top Body Builders Prefer Hydrolysed Protein

If you’re at the point in your training where you need a hand breaking a plateau, or you’d just like to be at the top of your game and feeding your body the best stuff on the market, then you should consider Hydrolysed Proteins.

Hydrolysed Protein is a form of whey protein powder that gets absorbed into your blood stream within 10-30mins. It’s the #1 choice of IFBB bodybuilders worldwide even though it’s the most expensive kind of protein.


This is because in order to get the best results from your workout session you need to get protein into your muscles during a very short metabolic window. The best way to make the most of this growth period is by fuelling yourself with hydrolysed whey protein.

At times outside this short window, consuming protein that gets absorbed slower time, like WPI or WPC would be better suited, as you don’t require the instant absorptions.

Now let’s get clear on why hydrolysed protein is faster absorbing than other protein powders.

As we all know, ordinary WPI is a product made from cow’s and it is very fast absorbing. To get the near instant absorption demanded from top athlete’s Hydrolysed WPI undergoes micro filtration processes that brake down the protein molecules into smaller di & tri peptide amino acids so they are easier to digest and more quickly absorbed by the body.

This is important because it helps repair damaged proteins, builds leaner muscle and promotes quicker recovery from hard workouts faster and better than all other protein powders.

However HWPI is not only good for post-recovery but for shredding body fat too. Dieters who consume hydrolysed protein reported consuming fewer calories overall because consuming HWPI kept them full for longer than other protein powders as well as suppressed their appetites. For the best cutting results consume hydrolysed protein with a strict calorie diet and an exercise program.

Lets take a further look into the benefits of Hydrolysed protein:

1. Gets absorbed faster by the body – hydrolysed protein is “pre-digested”, which means your body uses the protein faster because it’s able to be digested quicker. Which is why most serious body-builders take it pre and post workout.

2. Keeps your body in an anabolic environment – hydrolysed protein improves nitrogen retention giving you a continual positive nitrogen balance, which is an important factor in keeping an anabolic environment in the body.

3. Improves Recovery Faster From Exhausting Hard Workouts Than Normal WPI – When adding carbs to your hydrolysed protein shake post workout it raises your insulin by almost 100% more than having carbs alone. This is good because during your recovery window, your body needs instant glycogen to your muscles to start the rebuilding process which, keeps you in an anabolic state and helps you prepare for your next session.

4. Speeds Up Muscle Gains Regular use of Hydrolysed protein has been proven to increase your muscular strength. As a result of of this rapid recovery most athletes report being able to take fewer rest days, accelerating their overall results.

5. Stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis During Exercise – the consumption of hydrolysed protein helps repair damaged fibres and builds new fibres during exercise. These new fibres are stronger, more dense, and able to handle stress better than before. So for faster gains consuming hydrolysed protein is important.

6. Great for weight loss – Drinking hydrolysed protein keeps you fuller for longer on fewer calories, which has helped many people who find it hard to lose weight. It also suppresses their appetite which helps them consume less food through out the day.

7. Fewer Allergen Problems -If you’re gluten or lactose intolerant, this protein supplement is less likely to cause digestive problems because most of the gluten and lactose is removed during the extensive process of filtration.

8. Stores Less Body Fat – A study done back in 2004 by Dr. Douglas Belobrajdic, showed that two groups eating the same amount of calories, one group consumed red meat and the other consumed protein powder as their protein source. The group who consumed the protein powder resulted in 40% higher insulin sensitivity, which means their body was able to utilize the insulin better and also stored significantly less fat!

9. Boost Your Immune System – Hydrolysed whey boosts yours levels of glutathione, an important antioxidant that gives your immune system a boost and also prevents damage to important cells, caused by free radicles. This is why it’s perfect for people who put a lot of stress on their bodies through big hardwearing workouts, because they are more prone to getting “rundown” and “sick”.


Even though there are many benefits of using hydrolysed protein, this does not mean it should be used as a sole protein source.

Let’s briefly explore what some of the disadvantages found in hydrolysed protein are:

1. Most Expensive Protein powder – you probably know already that HWPI is more expensive out of three whey protein variety’s. But that’s why bodybuilders consume it pre and post workouts only and consume WPI or WPC every other time, and you should too if you’re thinking of using it.

2. Bitter Tasting – unlike the great taste of whey protein where you can sprinkle it over food and simple enjoy it, unflavoured hydrolysed protein is simple very bitter. So if you’re going to consume it, enjoy it with citrus juice to make it more tolerable. Alternatively stick to the flavoured HWPI protein. One of the best HWPI and most delicious tasting is Proto Whey and it can be found here.

Bottom Line:

If you’re someone who takes your workout sessions seriously and you absolutely push yourself to the max every time, then getting yourself some hydrolysed protein is a must for optimal post-workout recovery.

Not just this, but if your interested in shredding some body fat too and keeping lean then you too will benefit consuming hydrolysed protein post workout.

However, keep in mind experts suggest consuming it just for pre, intra and post workouts so every other time stick to your slower releasing protein powders like WPI or WPC which are better suited for muscle gains.

Alternatively if you’re not really pushing yourself to breaking point at the gym or participating in hard workouts, save your money and stick to WPI, it gets absorbed into your system a little slower at around 30-60mins or WPC 60-90mins, but it still does the job.

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