10 Great Ways to Gain Lean Muscle

Lean muscle gains are not the easiest type of muscle to accomplish massive growth rates, and quite frankly it is virtually impossible to do so.

However, you can gain lean muscle over a period of time by following simple methods that encourage muscular growth, fat loss, and strength gains simultaneously.

People often seek a magical pill to cure themselves of excess fat, but the fact is that hard work is the only way to accomplish this type of body build.

What exactly is lean muscle?
Lean muscle is when your body has a low body fat percentage, which encourages more room for your muscles and only the body fat you actually need to survive. The more muscle you have means the less amount of fat being able to engulf your body.

This is because muscles require calories to maintain, so while you sleep your muscles are hard at work eating the leftover calories unused. You will often see fitness models with clearly defined muscle groups, like the abdominal muscles, and the reason is because they have low body fat percentage with a higher amount of muscle mass.Get lean muscles

The size depends on the total bodyweight of the individual. A man that is 220lbs. of lean muscle mass is going to be very strong and well defined, while a regular muscular build at this weight is not as strong, and without clearly defined muscle groups. Keep in mind that the total bodyweight means nothing when it comes to fitness when the body fat percentage is low.

You never want to necessarily lose weight, but rather lose the body fat instead. This reason alone is why you should not pay much attention to weight scales too often.

The following lean muscle tips are designed to help you along with your gains. They are all methods proven to work, but sometimes you have to make minor adjustments to suit your individual needs.

Top 10 Methods


Macro Nurients - For Lean Muscle

You are probably getting tired of reading about this, but in reality you honestly need to focus a lot of your attention on nutrition. The saying to live by is 70% of lean muscle gains comes from your diet – while the other 30% makes up your fitness program.

Eat plenty of macronutrients and other essential micronutrients to keep your body’s metabolism fuelled to burn fat at higher rates, and also because you want energy to train harder in the gym, outside, or at home. Macronutrients are the primary ones need by your body.

They make up a large percentage of your daily calorie values, thus the reason they use “macro”, which is the medical term for larger, in front of nutrients. They consist of carbohydrates, protein, and dietary fats.

The amount of calories needed each day follow this list in order i.e. most calories are from carbs, and less calories are from fats. The fats being listed pertain to healthy ones and those that are essential such as omega fatty acids.

Anything with trans fat should be avoided completely.

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Strength Training
This is of course a must have in your training regimen. A diet makes up the larger portion, yes, but you need to use the calories being eaten as well.

Daily intakes for muscle have varied requirements for each individual, but for lean muscle gains you have to train much harder and eat hardy as well.

The best course of action would be heavy set compound lifts with specific isolation towards muscle groups, or just compound lifts with higher set amounts.

  • Compound lifts use multiple joints to initiate and complete exercises, plus they are used for stabilizer muscles as well. A few compound lifts are military press, deadlifts, bench press, and squats. All require all or most of your muscle groups to react simultaneously, which allows more energy requirements burning more fat.
  • Isolation lifts are the ones that focus on just specific muscle groups. An example would be biceps curls. They have little to do with the other muscle groups aside from antagonistic muscles, and focus primarily on the biceps. Use these to your advantage by increasing lean muscle mass one group at a time, but include some type of multiple joint training as well.

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Nutrition & Recovery
Every time you exercise microtears begin to form, and these tears need time to heal through rest and proper nutritioning. Give each muscle group a 24 hour cool down before focusing on them again, but if you are performing bodyweight only no rest days are really needed.

Every time you are asleep your body is hard at work trying to repair and feed your muscles, and for this reason time is needed. 7-8 hours of rest is recommended if you are seeking lean muscle gains and lifting some serious weights.

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Do not fear performing cardio when you are trying to produce lean muscles.

Cardio training is often frowned upon because it is sucking up way more nutrients that could have been used by your muscles, but truthfully some cardio is not going to hurt your muscle gains.

In fact, you will notice more definition coming in since this exercise variation is rapidly increasing your metabolism because more blood flow and oxygen intake is required; forcing your heart to send signals to your metabolism for the much needed increase in energy.

Cardio has actually been proven effective to assist with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) when you perform a 10 minute, light, cardio session after your workout. DOMS is able to bring down your training program due to unwanted muscle soreness making you feel uncomfortable, and unwilling, to train.

However, even though cardio is being endorsed do not overdo the amount of training time with it.

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Eat Often for lean muscleSounds a bit odd, but eating more meals a day is actually the best way to assist with muscle gains and fat loss.

However, the meals are not the normal “eat until you are completely bloated” kind of consumption, but rather 5-8 smaller meals full of the nutrients you need to push on throughout the day and training.

This would mean you eat about every 2-3 hours during the times you are awake.

If you eat this way you are actually forcing your metabolism to increase due to its constant need to burn calories, and you make sure that all nutrients are being digested and not just sent out the other end.

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Protein for lean muscle

You need to eat more of this in order to increase lean gains. Protein is the building blocks for all processes in your body taking place down to just tiny cells only seen under a high powered lens.

An increase in protein allows your body’s muscles to receive one of the primary nutrients that they require. Protein also makes you feel more satisfied, which prevents you from overeating.

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Drink Water - For Lean Muscle

Another method being overly told, but most people are still technically dehydrated without even knowing it.

Your body requires a lot of water when it comes to fat loss conversion to lean muscle gains.

This drink has no calories and is the healthiest thing you could ever drink.

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Change Your Routine

Sticking to the same routine is boring for your body and quite possibly harmful.

Once your body develops a rhythm your mind starts to get lazy, which encourages you to know train and feel there is nothing more for you to try.

An example would be using free weights. One training week you use dumbbells for specific workouts, and then the other week you use barbells instead.

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Scales are not always accurate and actually lie to you.

The amount shown could be water weight through retention that day, or its sensors may just be that off.

You will not notice lean muscle gains that much when you look upon a scale. Just look into the mirror and see where you are at, and what you would like to do.

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As mentioned in the beginning; this type of training and dieting takes time and hard work.

Expect to workout 4-5 days a week, and the type of exercising you choose is up to you for each day. You alone know the limitations of how far your muscles can be pushed.

Also keep in mind that being stressed out is actually bad for your health, and the effects will show in your training program(s).

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