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The truth about protein intake – How much protein should I be eating a day?

  Protein is perhaps one of the most controversial macronutrients known to man. Since the rapid growth in popularity of protein-based supplements ...

Choosing a workout routine when you’re a hardgainer

A gym routine that is optimized for your body type can boost your results as a hardgainer. If you design your workout plan properly, you will see that genetics ...

Top 5 Full Bodyweight Exercises

Full Bodyweight Exercises Using bodyweight exercises in your fitness regimen means an increase in strength, stamina, balance, and you will notice your body's ...

5 Best Compound Lifts For Lean Muscle

Amazing Multiple Muscle Group Exercises Multiple muscle group exercises allow your body the benefit of having maximum output potential while also cutting ...

10 Great Ways to Gain Lean Muscle

Lean muscle gains are not the easiest type of muscle to accomplish massive growth rates, and quite frankly it is virtually impossible to do so. However, you ...

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