Best Protein Bars – Finding The Right Protein Bar For You

Living such hectic lives, for most of us getting enough protein to feed our muscles throughout the day or even to eat healthier can be quite the challenge.

The daily grind takes up most of our time, then we go to the gym or practice and then back home to eat and sleep.

Experts suggest that we should eat 1g of protein for every 1lb we weigh, so that’s anywhere from 150-225g of protein per day.

How the hell are we supposed to get all that? Supplements that how.

Our Best Protein Bar Choices

This article will recommend 5 different protein bars that offer something to match everyone’s goals.

Sample title


Calories: Fat: Carbohydrate: Protein:
330 9g 32g (10g of which is sugar) 32g

Met Rx Protein Plus Protein Bar

The Met Rx Protein Plus is the perfect choice for gym goers who are looking to put on some serious mass.

Each Met Rx Protein Plus packs 32g of protein along with 32g of carbohydrates.

This bar would be best suited after a heavy workout to feed your muscles protein, and replace lost glycogen within the body.

Along with being packed full of several vitamins and minerals, it also has l-glutamine which is believed to help with soreness and aid recovery.

Taste: Quite sweet due to its high sugar content, chocolate flavour tastes great.

  • Anybody who’s looking to build muscle or needing a quick post workout meal.

  • Anybody who’s looking to lose weight.

Best for Natural Ingredients

180 WOD Bars


Calories: Fat: Carbohydrate: Protein:
239 9.4g 25.2 (12.2g of which is sugar) 14.5g

180 Nutrition WOD Bars are made without using any artificial additives, preservatives or chemicals. Each WOD Bar contain 14.5 g of grass fed whey protein isolate, and includes several natural ingredients including flaxseed, sunflower kernels and pumpkin seeds. Bars are available in two sizes, the 45g Superfood Bar which is ideal for snacks, and the 60g WOD Bar that is suited towards exercise. Each bar is made from natural ingredients and gluten free.

Tastes: Great! The natural ingredients really come through in 180 Nutrition protein bar, it doesn’t feel too sugary as compared with other more chemical heavy bars. We recommend going with coconut flavour.

  • Health enthusiasts who are looking to eat healthier food and replace their lunch time junk food with something nutritionally dense.


Best Low Calorie Bar
Protein FX Lo Calorie Bar


Calories: Fat: Carbohydrate: Protein:
105 3.2g 1.9g (1g of which is sugar) 9.1g

Lo Carb Mini

As the name suggests, Lo Carb Mini is a protein bar created for regular snacking. The bar contains a good amount of protein and is very low in carbohydrates. Lo Carb Mini is a very good option for those looking for weight loss, especially in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Taste: Just like a regular snacking bar should, tasty and refreshing. Lo Carb Mini comes in 13 different flavours, including Choc Honeycomb, Peanut Butter Caramel, Banana Caramel and Rocky Road

  • Anybody who’s on a diet or require a low calorie alternative to breakfast or snacks.

  •  Anybody who’s looking to gain muscle, due to low calorie count.

Best Meal Replacement Bar

      Titan Bar


Calories: Fat: Carbohydrate: Protein:
320 13g 32g (5g of which is sugar) 26g

Titan Protein Bar

Weighing in at 80g, the Titan Protein Bar is the perfect meal replacement for busy people on the go. It’s not as nutritional dense as the Met Rx Protein Plus, but each bar contains 50% less sugar and 15% of your RDA of iron and calcium. Titan Protein Bar is also made with 0g of trans fat.

Taste: If you love peanut butter, this is the protein bar for you, the bar has six different layers and gives a great crunch. Best eaten with milk.

  • Anybody who’s looking to build muscle or needing a meal replacement.

  • Anybody who’s looking to lose weight.

Best Gluten Free Bar


Calories: Fat: Carbohydrate: Protein:
425 35.8 g 20g (18.5g of which is sugar) 7.6g

Paleo Bar

The Paleo Bar is one of the first Paleo style protein bars on the market, it’s gluten, soy and diary free, and contains no added sugars or any artificial ingredients. Paleo Bar is not as protein dense as other bars mentioned, but is made within the Paleo diet guideline and perfect for people on the diet.

Taste: Lean and clean just like any healthy protein bar should.

  • Anybody on the Paleo diet, or people looking to gain muscle due to high calorie count.

  • Anybody looking to lose weight or reduce sugar intake.

Pro tip:
Although counter intuitive to the Paleo diet, for muscle builders, we suggest eating the Paleo Bar with a glass of milk to increase protein and calorie intake after a heavy workout.

This article has covered a large spectrum of protein bars to meet the needs of all our readers.

Whether you’re looking to put on muscle, needing a low carb energy snack or wanting to add more healthy foods into your diet, our comprehensive list of protein bars will have something to suit everyone’s needs.

Still not sure what protein bar is right for you? Leave a comment below telling us your exact goals and we will point you in the right direction.

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