5 Best Compound Lifts For Lean Muscle

Amazing Multiple Muscle Group Exercises

Multiple muscle group exercises allow your body the benefit of having maximum output potential while also cutting muscle building time frames down drastically.

One type of multiple muscle exercise is known as a compound lift, which is performed with weights that are heavy set with low repetitions, or lower weight and higher reps.

The other is performed without weights – also known to be in the “bodyweight” training classification. Utilize both types to your advantage, and permanent lean muscle gains will occur.

People often forget about the multiple muscle exercises since they are to focused on performing numerous exercises to reap simple benefits, but a power-lifter or bodybuilder knows that isolation training is just a minor supplement to full body workouts.

Working multiple muscle groups encourages your body to develop significantly greater than isolation because other factors to be discussed are going to come into effect.

Using Compound Lifts for lean muscleThe Benefits of Compound Lifts

All compound lifts are greatly beneficial, and unless you have a medical problem you should be performing them.

A compound lift will use multiple joints to complete a movement, stabilizer muscles to maintain balance and performance, and surprisingly you receive cardio training from lifting weights.

Compound lifts are a mimic of your daily movements, which occurs because the muscle movements used are easily performed each day, but you probably never even knew it.

They allow you to increase your strength and performance with greater efficiency, and keep your body ready to move quicker and stronger.

Sports players always have compound lifts within their training program because it will allow them to perform with a much stronger foundation than that of a person who never uses them.

This only happens because they can coordinate multiple muscle groups simultaneously, so why aren’t you benefiting from them as well?

Compound lifts also require a great deal of energy to perform, which increase your heart rate and metabolism, thus encouraging lean muscle gains and healthy cardio respiratory systems.

The final benefit would be the increase of your growth hormones and testosterone levels.

You increase an abundance of these hormones for your muscle building program because of what is known as systemic stress, which is the stress your body undergoes as you perform an exercise that requires your full system (full body) to exert energy to complete the movement.

All of these benefits should have you on your feet and ready to train harder for massive gains in a shorter time frame, but the following exercises are not as easy as you think.

Top 5 Compound Lifts

DIPSDips - Compound Lifts

Yes, this simple exercise is one of the amazing multiple muscle exercises to perform in your training regimen. The primary muscle groups being targeted are your chest, triceps, and traps, but then there are many more to be involved as stabilizer muscles. Your shoulders, abdominals, forearms, and biceps are also receiving plenty of training.

The best thing to do is to use a dip belt that has a chain to attach weights, which increases resistance by forcing you to use your muscles to push your bodyweight and free weights simultaneously.


Compound Lifts - Bench PressA compound lift that focuses on your entire upper body muscles to systemically push the weight and increase your lean muscle gains. However, most people are only going to refer to this exercise as just a chest day lift, which is sadly a big mistake.

Not too many understand that even leg muscles receive some type of training because they are being used simultaneously with your upper body to stabilize your movements, which places this exercise as a full body trainer.

However, remember to utilize the entire movement as a training factor. Lots of bench presser’s tend to “drop” the bar as they lower it to their chest – meaning they quickly lower it thinking that the initial pushing motion is the muscle gainer in this situation. Antagonist muscles being worked are just as important as agonist muscles!


Compound Lifts - BENT OVER ROWSThe bent over row is a major back exercise that usually is performed regular gripped, which is referred to as supinated grip (palms face towards your body during exercise). However, you want to be in a pronated grip, which is where your palms face away from you. The awkward position of being bent over confuses the grip technique, but rest assured that the reverse grip is the one to use. You encourage numerous stabilizer muscles to activate as you tense primary muscles to pull the weight towards you. Primary muscles used are your all back muscles and biceps.


Compound Lifts - DeadliftsThe exercise receives this unique name because you are literally lifting dead weight from floor to hip-level. Deadlifts virtually work all muscle groups in your body because your back, arms, chest, traps, spinal erectors, quads, hamstrings, and calves are included. This should be one of the most prioritized exercises to incorporate into your training regimen without delay, and people still seem to forgot how amazing this exercise really is.


Compound Lifts - BARBELL SQUATSRegular barbell squats are performed with the bar on your back, and if you did not know, the squat can also be performed with the bar in the front on top of your chest muscles, but let’s focus on the most beneficial of the two. The regular barbell squat primarily focuses on your quadriceps and glutes, which are the strongest muscle groups that you can ever want trained. The reason why is because without them being maximally the strongest, your other exercises seem to be less controlled without these primary stabilizer muscles, thus making you lose gains you never knew existed.

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